A New Day for Greensboro



I grew up in Greensboro where my father founded and managed Jackson Plumbing and Heating for 50 years. As a graduate of Grimsley HS and North Carolina State University (Economics and Business Management), I built a career in the Purchasing profession for a variety of local manufacturing and distribution companies and, for the last 15 years, with the United States Postal Service here in Greensboro as a contracting officer. I've raised my family in my hometown, and I want my son to be able to do the same.

The current focus of our City Council is not contributing to a vibrant and growing economy in Greensboro and I want to change that. With a few tweaks at City Hall, we can make the most of our great city.

The cornerstones of my campaign for City Council At Large are:

 - Become the preferred NC City for Relocation and Business

 - Make Our City Safe and Prosperous

 - Prioritize Reliable and Up-to-Date Infrastructure

 - Employ Solid Fiscal Responsibility 


If you agree that these issues, rather than social issues, need to be the priorities of Greensboro City Council, please join Team Jackson and donate today!






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  • commented 2017-09-22 12:03:33 -0400
    The City of Greensboro does publish an annual tax and user fee to compare costs for citizens with peer cities on an annual basis. Www.greensboro-nc.gov/budget

    I suggest you read this research – FY 17-18 is forthcoming- to draw your conclusions.

    While the city may have the highest tax rate, Greensboro does have some of the lower user fees and offers services other cities do not.

    Raleigh and Charlotte have significantly higher median home values which allow them to have lower tax rates to generate more revenue than Greensboro.

    Furthermore, sales tax distribution within the county may be reduced to Greensboro based on changes to property tax – this would need to be included in any tax rate discussion….although the sound bite of I CUT PROPERTY TAXES without an *saying, “but it reduced sales tax revenue and cut services,” is attractive to the voters, simple voters desire
    Simple slogans.

    The rally cry of a too high tax rate driving down economic development is a shallow approach to understanding governmental revenue approaches and systemic social issues and local challenges.

    With respect to “absorbing” the bond interest payment in the budget without increasing taxes – what city services do you propose to completely eliminate bc there is no room to “absorb” millions of dollars in the existing budget. The sponge is full. You would need to have a couple of million dollar cuts that can be sustained long term – some options – close the libraries, end all PR program, cut non-profit funding, end employee longevity, stop supporting the Coliseum, shutter Tanger Center before it opens bc that will cost a few mill annually in operations, only provide the services the state requires the city to perform-
    Which means you could eliminate almost every department including police bc they are not mandated, stop repaving roads, run a skeleton crew of staff but don’t expect quality or timely service.

    Departmental operational budgets have been trimmed
    Or hold the line for many years. There is little fat to cut. Have city council stop asking staff to add x,y, and z. Don’t take on any future bond debt without a clear plan of action and strategy.

    Trust staff. They don’t have a vested interest in winning an election, only to make Greensboro a better place. Do some real research. Governing is hard work.

    Best of luck.