Safe and Prosperous

Reducing taxes and fees is one way to improve prosperity for all of our citizens, especially the middle class. But there is more to that feeling of well-being.

All Greensboro families deserve to feel safe at home, work, school and all around town. You deserve to earn the fruits of your labor and to not fear it being stolen out from under you. 

Toward that end, I am a big fan of community policing. We need more visibility of the police department. We must be certain to see more of a police presence in our city.

We can increase the walking and bicycling routes in downtown and surrounding neighborhoods. Another economical measure is to allow officers that live in the city to take their vehicle home at night. This will not only make them more visible, but more efficient. It would also be an excellent perquisite.

I believe we should increase the use of body cams. The units should be turned on anytime the officer exits the vehicle, or walks a route. I familiar with the data storage servers needs associated with body cams. Appropriate body cam usage can reduce the number of conflicts between the police department and the local citizens by having more useful information available for review.

My family lives here and works here. We need to be conduct ourselves as a government that wants to keep its kids here when they graduate. Having just retired, I will have the time to devote to giving proper attention to these very important issues.

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