Solid Fiscal Responsibility

Let's face it, as a member of City Council, I will be spending or saving your tax dollars. You deserve to know how I'll do it.

It is very important that every tax dollar the city spends goes entirely toward projects and services that will benefit the all of the citizens of Greensboro first.

Promoting the use of local contractors whenever possible as well as healthy competition will result in lower costs and better quality of goods and services.  

From a budgeting standpoint we need to obtain better documentation when forecasting for our future needs. All too often - as I well know - government can be free-spending. That's not how I work. It's not how I work with my family budget and it's not how I would run the City's budget either.

I have decades of experience reviewing requests for proposals and evaluating suppliers' capabilities. That's the kind of experience I will bring to the City Council as I go to work for you.

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